We are a weather forecasting and news website. You can rely on us to deliver up-to-date news about the weather. We use a weather satellite to get electromagnetic thermal radiation feeds that are translated into usable and understandable information that is then observed and interpreted by meteorologists here on Earth.

Who We Are

This website was established by a group of television executives who found the need for a reliable and comprehensive interpretation of the weather. We are not just funding the website but we are also providing support to the latest and most interactive methods of interpreting and understanding the weather. We acknowledge the importance of accurate forecasting of the weather to protect as many lives as possible. Through this site we can, fund research projects on improvement of weather devices and processes.

What Do We Offer

We deliver the most trusted weather forecasting news available online. You can use our website to get the latest updates on the weather on any part of the world. We are available on the desktop, on tablets, and mobile devices. You can also download widgets for our site. If you want to receive special discounts from online shops like Lazada and Zalora, you can register your name and email on our website.