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Satellites are usually used to transmit information or frequency from one point of the world to another. The usual use of satellites is television and network signal transmission. The benefit of using satellites is that it can monitor any part of the globe. All it has to do is to take pictures of the portion of the earth and record the data through a radiometer.

A radiometer is an instrument or device that is used to measure the intensity of the radiation of an object or area. In this case, the weather is monitored and measured using radiometers that are placed on satellites. It is generally an infrared or ultraviolet radiation detector.

Radiometers, or more particularly, microwave radiometers measure radio frequency that is found in places with thermal radiation. Atmospheric gases like oxygen or vapor all emit thermal radiation. Radiometers can also detect cloud ice. These devices are very sensitive and they usually have more than two channels to get a good recording of the spectrum of emission from the atmosphere.

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